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We get it...Your driveway is not one of those things you are excited about fixing or replacing. It's just not that exciting. The fact is, your driveway is a critical component of your home both for it's functionality and also for it's value.  I solid, great looking driveway is an attention getter and so much safer for your family and your home. That's why we don't let the details slide with repairing driveways. Whether it's replacing one panel or the entire thing we have you covered. From our Free Estimate to the final walk-through we will make the process painless. We focus on convenience and affordability without skimping on the important things. Find out why we are first on people's list in Des Moines for driveway replacement and repair. Get your Free Estimate today. 

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How we build your next driveway:

1. Remove the all the old concrete and 4-6" of the sub-base below the driveway (this is where the problems start).

2. Re-Fill this space with 4"-6" of recycled concrete and compact to provide a solid base That drains properly the correct grade is set here to ensure the proper drainage of your new driveway (all laser leveld).

3. Place #4 rebar at 2'X2' grid to ensure slab stablility.

4. Pour a 5" slab of C4 Dot road mix which is the same mix used on roads and interstates. this ensures the most stable final product over other mix options.

5. Place industry standard "relief cuts" to minimize the chances of cracking.

6. Backfill the edges to allow grass to regrow and prevent erosion.