Stamped Concrete

This is probably the most popular amongst decorative concrete customers.  It provides full-depth color, accent color variations, 3-dimensional depth and differences in texture and finish options. 

What makes our stamped concrete different

Ground Prep: To greatly reduce the impact of our extreme freeze/thaw cycle in Iowa we excavate up to 6" of the soil and clay beneath your project. This allows us to compact a durable base of crushed rock to aid in draining and prevent damage from expansive soils.

Concrete Mix: On all decorative projects we substitute imported sand in the mix. Imported sand has been proven to reduce the likelihood of unsightly pop-outs by over 90%

Reinforcement: This is something you will never see.  The reinforcement of your slab will greatly determine the life of it and the chances of cracking and settling.  We choose to go beyond industry standard and set our steel reinforcement at 2' on center to ensure a high level of durability.

Curing and Sealing: One of the most important steps and most overlooked with concrete is the proper curing. Curing is the control of moisture loss within the first 7 days after concrete is poured.  A properly cured slab will have a much more resilient surface which extends the life of your investment. Once your concrete has been properly cured for 7 days we apply 2 coats of a penetrating sealer to enhance the look and, more importantly protect your concrete from any potential contaminants. 


Stained Concrete

This is essentially dying the concrete to a color of your choice and finishing with a sealer to protect and expand the color.  Stains come in different forms and create different finishes depending on the look one is going for.  All stains are sealed with a high-grade sealer that has a 5-7yr life span.



Mark McDonough


Ryan McDonough

General Flatwork

From driveways to parking lots to basement floors we have a crew that provide your flatwork needs.  We are experienced in new construction along with tear out and replace projects.  Either way the new concrete will be done with proper substrate preparation, maximum reinforcement, and custom finish work if desired.

What we do different

Ground Prep: Just like with our decorative concrete, we take out up to 6" of ground to ensure proper drainage and freeze/thaw cycles.

Reinforcement: We use 3/8" steel rebar laid at 2' on center to maximize your driveway's durability. 

True grade: We will pour your project at the proper depth all the way through without any short pours in the middle or edges. When you need 4", you get 4". When you need 6", you get 6".  Not 5.5".



Epoxies have come a long ways with regards to their applications.  They can be used for garages and shops, retail spaces or even kitchens and living areas.  They range from a solid color to 3-dimensional color designs.


As concrete ages many times it starts to lose its luster and appearance from early on.  In a lot of cases there are resurfacing options to help bring that piece of concrete back to life.  Many resurfacing products will actually help extend the life of the concrete itself. Whether its your stained basement floor, stamped patio or driveway there are many options available.  


Brett McDonough


Dale McDonough